Cambridge English: Speaking Test

What makes a good candidate for Cambridge English?

Watch this video from Cambridge English where three Examiners advise candidates on what to do to pass an English test.

Some tips you should keep in mind:

  • Listen carefully to the task and partners
  • Interact with partners and keep conversation going
  • Encourage your partners with gesture, eye-contact
  • Show you can extend, paraphrase what you are saying
  • Do NOT get stuck ( do not DRY OUT)
  • Balance fluency and accuracy
  • Put into practice what you have studied and been trained to (TEST SKILLS)
  • RELAX!

A Different Task. The Winning Dish

Masterchef UK 2016  is looking for new competitors to be selected for the new season starting next June.  You would like to apply as a candidate. Therefore, you have to create your own SPECIAL dish to submit to the judges in order to be selected. Present your Dish in an amazing way


Screenshot 2016-04-12 14.15.55CLICK Different TASK Winning dishTO DOWNLOAD THE FILE.

Lesson. What are you like?

 Personality Adjectives

This lesson (Feb. 26th 2016) was meant to answer the question: How can you talk about how_to_talk_about_your_personality_in_english1.jpgpersonality?

New vocabulary words and phrases that you can use in conversations with native English speakers are available everywhere in the NET. Just visit this blog for example or the useful website called HIPPO

Then a collaborative task  was created to let students build up their own vocabulary

What then can help you pronouncing long words well? A Song, or better the Illogical song by Supertramp.