How to talk about pie charts – CLIL on MATHS

Yesterday (5th April, 2017) in a grade 9 class (English Plus) we had an interesting lesson with Simon Vicary, an ESL expert teacher I usually  teamteach  with once a week.

Students were supposed to make a quiz to their classmates and then analyse  results. We managed to do this acvitity  with the help of an amazing webtool: GOOGLE FORM. Have a look at this link or download it at  Class Survey

With Simon’s help students started to talk about results and responses to the questions in the survey.

A useful recap has been made in a video by ENG-Vid.

Go to the LINK

Further practice can be found various websites:


sgi – saint george international

ielts buddy


Clothes – a cooperative Mindmap

mind map may result very useful and effective to represent ideas,  concepts, word banks after a brainstorming session – for example. It is a visual thinking tool that helps structuring information, helping you to better analyze, comprehend, synthesize, recall and generate new ideas. Today there are many online tools which may help you organise ideas grafically.

CLICK on this   MINDMAP made with MINDOMO by different students collaboratively. Screenshot 2017-03-24 16.41.40

A Useful Repository for Online English Preparation

Do you need to get extra training before the exam?

Here is a wide repository with most of exam practice resources FREE.

Most certifications – CAMBRIDGE ENGLISH, IELTS, TOEIC, BEC, TOIFEL from A2 to C2 Levels.



Daily Routine vs Action in progress

When we talk about what we do every day we usually use SIMPLE PRESENT TENSES. In case we talk about action happening NOW , at the time when I am speaking we use PRESENT CONTINUOUS TENSES. 

Let’s try to make it more simple

Activity 1. Watch this video. What’s Mr Bean Daily Routine like?

Activity 2. Now listen to an interview to a SWIMMER

You can reach the recording at British Council WEBsite

Activity 3. How about these situations? 


Activity 4.  A useful RECAP is available on English Grammar Online

  • Click on the LINK to reach the  GRAMMAR RECAP
  • You may need some PRACTICE and exercises .
    • Click on the LINK to reach exercise 1.
    • Click on the LINK to reach exercise 2.


Do you feel more confident now when using Present or Continuous tenses?

Cambridge English: Speaking Test

What makes a good candidate for Cambridge English?

Watch this video from Cambridge English where three Examiners advise candidates on what to do to pass an English test.

Some tips you should keep in mind:

  • Listen carefully to the task and partners
  • Interact with partners and keep conversation going
  • Encourage your partners with gesture, eye-contact
  • Show you can extend, paraphrase what you are saying
  • Do NOT get stuck ( do not DRY OUT)
  • Balance fluency and accuracy
  • Put into practice what you have studied and been trained to (TEST SKILLS)
  • RELAX!