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Daily Routine vs Action in progress

When we talk about what we do every day we usually use SIMPLE PRESENT TENSES. In case we talk about action happening NOW , at the time when I am speaking we use PRESENT CONTINUOUS TENSES. 

Let’s try to make it more simple

Activity 1. Watch this video. What’s Mr Bean Daily Routine like?

Activity 2. Now listen to an interview to a SWIMMER

You can reach the recording at British Council WEBsite

Activity 3. How about these situations? 


Activity 4.  A useful RECAP is available on English Grammar Online

  • Click on the LINK to reach the  GRAMMAR RECAP
  • You may need some PRACTICE and exercises .
    • Click on the LINK to reach exercise 1.
    • Click on the LINK to reach exercise 2.


Do you feel more confident now when using Present or Continuous tenses?